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About Us

We've got our very own spot, Wagon Trail Mercantile in Calhan at 355 N Ellicott Highway, Colorado, 80808!

Swing by for a taste of our homemade Biltong - Beef Jerky and other crafty treasures.

Psst, we also have a U-Haul service on site.

Here are our April opening hours:

Monday from 9am to 1pm,

Tuesday -CLOSED

Wednesday to Sunday from 9am to 6pm.

Just a heads up - we're all about the USA market!

Explore our 12 flavors

Please select your preferred flavor and indicate the desired quantity in the message field below.

Additionally, provide us with the mailing address where you wish to receive your biltong.

Upon receipt of your message, we will send an invoice containing payment details.

Your biltong should arrive within five working days of payment confirmation.

peppery lemon.gif
Lemon pepper new.gif

The new beef on the block!!

Best biltong by far:

Dry or wet,  with or without fat,  customize your biltong. 

Concrete Wall
Screenshot 2023-12-25 130115.gif
720 517 6454
720 648 4389

You are welcome to customize the size of your order.  
$15 - 100g (3.53oz)
$25 - 200g (8.8oz)
$50 - 450g(1 Pound)
S120 - 1kg(2.2 Pound)
We use USPS to send off our packaging to keep cost down. The fee is normally between $10 to $20 depending on the size of the order.  After you order we will send you an invoice which you can accept or decline.


Thanks for submitting!

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